New EP "For The Life of Me" Thanksgiving 2018

Singer-Songwriter/DJ/ Master of Ceremonies

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New Single "Give Her Love" off the up coming album "For The Life of Me"

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Ray Wroten Is...


The ability to stand in front of thousands of people and speak or sing fluently and concisely is something many have, but the ability to do this and be entertaining is gift for a rare few.

  • Singer - Songwriter
  • Musician
  • DJ
  • Master of Ceremonies

On The Grind

Playing over 200 shows a year whether solo or with his band, Wroten is one of the hardest working performers in America. In his musical travels he's played in 40 states, The Virgin Islands, & Canada. He's also released two solo albums "The Ostrich Syndrome" & "Familiar" as well as several albums as lead singer of Bond & Bentley.

Emotion & Melody

This American Singer-songwriter & Musician wears his heart on his sleeve in his performance and composition. This Entertainer captures complex emotion and weaves it into his songwriting mixing folk, rock, blues & pop melody with a soulful voice.

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Ray Wroten